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5.0 out of 5 starsPick it up … you can’t put it down!, October 12, 2015
This review is from: Annalise’s Up and Down Day (Paperback)

This charming little book stars Annalise, a perky little three year old, who suddenly wakes up and zooms off into another beautiful summer’s day. On her journey she discovers many ways to reinforce the abstract term of “up and down”. As she begins her busy day, as she plays in her familiar world around her, and as she interacts with members of her family, the meaning of “up and down” is revealed and strengthened to her.

The detailed, colourful, watercolour illustrations visually enhance the concept of “up and down” throughout the entire book. Toddlers will love to spot their own personal expression of the term in their environment and a game can be made out of it. The vocabulary is limited and the illustrations are divided into two sections so that they can be compared and contrasted. They are very kid-friendly and elementary, perfect for the intended age group, and will generate discussion as the book is shared. It’s a fun book with a very lovable main character named Annalise.

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Thanks so much, Marilyn!

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