New GoodReads review:

Thanks to Bonnie for her review of Annalise’s Up and Down Day on GoodReads.  You might want to check out some of her children books.  Here is a little bit about her.


Bonnie Ferrante is a hybrid writer (publishing traditionally and self-publishing) Her work has appeared in various children’s and adult magazines and anthologies. She is a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist lay leader and was a grade school teacher for thirty-three years, ten as teacher-librarian. Her first three novels were published by Noble Romance Publishing. She has entered the field of self-publishing and, with the onset of Parkinson’s Disease, has started using photography in place of hand-drawn illustration.


Bonnie Ferrante writes books for readers of all ages. Her specialty is children’s picture books. She is a retired school teacher/librarian and has nine picture books and seven books for older readers, several of which take place in Northern Ontario, Canada. Her most recent books are Tell Me Where: Animals and Babies, a toddler picture book on spatial relationships, and a young adult fantasy, Leya: Sphere of Vision Book One.


She has a book review and writing blog at Some months are theme oriented, such as variations of the Cinderella story or books about dragons.


She has two professional Facebook pages. Ferrante Books For Children is for parents and teachers and provides information on reading, education, humor, books, and child development. Ferrante Author is for older readers and focuses on humor, books, the writer’s world, current events, and inspiration.


You can also follow her on Twitter.


You can learn more about her on her website at

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