Readers Favorite 5-star Review

Today we received our first professional review! Here it is in its entirety:

Book Review


Dr. Denise L. Jenne’s book Annalise’s Up and Down Day is a pretty easy read for young children. Annalise is learning the difference between up and down. As she goes about her day, she says what is up and what is down.

I read Annalise’s Up and Down Day with my four-year-old. She was able to read most of this book by herself. I like that Dr. Jenne solely focuses on the opposites up and down in this book. Another good thing is that these ups and downs all occur in a normal day. Annalise goes about her day doing everything a child usually does. She wakes up and she sits down to eat. These are just a couple examples that are in the book.

Children will also be able to see what Annalise is doing in the colorful illustrations by Julie Iannone. My daughter still gets confused between up and down so by her being able to see what is going on in the pictures was a huge help. My daughter’s favorite picture and example of down was when Annalise fell down. I thought the ending of this book was perfect. It will be good book to read at bedtime.

Annalise’s Up and Down Day is a great book for a preschool aged child. I recommend preschool teachers to have this book in their classroom. The children would love to share their own ups and downs just like Annalise. I hope that Dr. Denise L. Jenne continues to write more books like this because I can see it becoming a series about opposites.


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